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Otakon Checklist

Highwaisted skirt
Earrings (need to make these...maybe)

Sora Cosplay/Saturday:
Skinny jeans
Shirt (need to finish)
Little backpack
Wig (shipping)
Contacts/Contact solution

Normal clothes!

Flat iron
Curling iron
Extra Clothes
Phone Charger
Bathing suit top

...I probably forgot stuff.

Writer's Block: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Do you give your vehicles names? If so, what are they?

The General.


I simply love their things.  End of story.  If I had the money, I would probably buy it all.

I hate being poor

QutieLand Wishlist!

Here is my wish list for Qutieland because they have amazing things (I love it so much!)
and I narrowed it down quite a bit...

1.http://www.qutieland.com/product.php?id=249 * REALLY want
9.http://www.qutieland.com/product.php?id=203 * Really REALLY want
10.http://www.qutieland.com/product.php?id=336 * really want too (perfect sweet for me)
11.http://www.qutieland.com/product.php?id=371 * I <3 bird cages

Ugh...I suppose the first thing will be finding a job...and paying for school.  Because even though I love lolita, VK, steampunk, etc...
school does come first...

Do you remember the things you did when you first started using the Web and how it has changed your life?

Yep. It was the good 'ole days when AOL ruled the web (at least in my mind) and thing were censored. There, in the wee hours of the morn in those creepy (probably smelly) chatrooms with men twice my age I was cast into the dark and marvelous world of....

Writer's Block: Name your passion

What are you most passionate about and why?

Writing and photography. Because with those two skills, I'll be able to change the world

And these Nights

And on these nights
I find I could truly destroy
And not wonder how
I’ve denied that call
For so long
From the marrow
Of my white bones
Gasping for air
Instead of the smothered
Love of my flesh and blood
On these nights
I find my mind slips
From my fingers
And onto the floor like ink
Spilling from the nub
Of a broken pen
And on these nights
I lay awake and
Ponder to myself
How I’ve denied
This call for so long
The desire
The need
The intense call for
A reason to
To take that jump
To go off the deep end
And on these nights
I truly wonder why
I don’t destroy myself

But only slightly better

I wish I knew how to work this site better. There are just so many things going on! I don't know where to start, where to look, or just anything.
I want my profile to be all pretty and such...but alas, I'm slightly dumb when it comes to these things. I get so used to one site, (Gaia, Facebook, DA) and then I join a new one...and I have to get used to that!
It's crazy!

I really do not know where to start. There so many things I can do! Post my writings, photos, icons...anything!
I'm just like "...whoa."
I'm sure others have felt the same when they first started. But I suppose I am slightly late in the game. Oh well, better late than never right? I suppose it's just one of those things that you just have to jump head first in and hope for the best, and pray that you don't drown amongst the mass of posts and threads and just everything.
I'm hoping I'm not one of those who drown.
Let's pray I can keep my head above water...for the most part at least.

Maybe I'll just post some poetry to start off with. Ease my way into the world of LJ.

At least the second post is slightly better than the first

The first one always blows.

Honestly. I don't think I have ever really read/listen to vlog, blog, or any other type of "log" that is just amazing.
But alas, the first entry has to happen at some point. So might as well get it over and out of the way now. I really don't know why I started a lj...probably because I always find nifty things on here and want to post my own nifty things.
(Like, I wanna try my hand at making icons!)

Plus, I think it would be good to meet other people like myself who obsess about the little things like life...like, anime, or jrock, or lolita fashion, or video games or any other of my loves. But, I'm sure you know how these things go.

As I said. The first one always blows.